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My name is Donatella and together with my husband Sergio and our 2 daughters i live in Trieste, a beautiful city on the Adriatic Seaon the border between Italy and Slovenia. 

As my husband, I have spent most of my live enjoying the company of a friend of the animal kingdom and with this understanding we try to grow up our little girls: dogs, cats, rabbits,birds, mice,turtles, fishes and even 3 piranhas have succeded in various stages of our growth, leaving everyone, more or less, something of himself in our hearts !  

Some time ago we know these magnificent smiling little bears, the British Shorthair, and we both fell in love immediately! Since then a few years has spent during which we tried to know more about them and, as soon as we had the opportunity we had no hesitation to surround ourselves with these stunning new four-legged friends!  

From that moment on, our love for this wonderful breed of cats has grown day by day, to move us toward this new adventure: we decided to set up a small cattery, wherein for our cats do not exist and never will exist cages or restrictions on domestic life, but only so many cuddles and affection, together with a good education!

Our cats come only from the best Catteries in Europe, and belong to the prestigious and exclusive lines of blood, that through hard work and patience we were able to bring to Italy. Our passion has brought from Spain to Hungary, Holland, Austria, Poland and neighboring Slovenia and Croatia, and in many other countries ...

We never stop to thank you so much to the breeders who gave us their trust by entrusting their treasures, and that allowed us to draw on their experience and expertise giving us many valuable tips ! 

Our intention is to try humbly to contribute to the development of the standard and of the typical seraphic, patient and cuddly character of this fantastic breed, ensuring the best possible quality of life for parents and their kittens. In fact, our cats are loved and respected, and are fully integrated into our home life and share with us any space and every moment, perfectly polite and respectful of environments and furniture!

Our cattery is a member of the Federation International Feline (FIFe) and recognized by the Italian National Feline Association (ANFI), and of these associations we share and respect the ethical codes of farming and the related regulations.


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