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Leonardo Da Vinci Luludi

Bricoccole Bluebell

NAME Sex Colour Availablity
Cosellina F BSH a (blue) stay with us in Cattery
Carmencita F BSH a (blue) RESERVED
Chico M BSH a (blue) AVAILABLE
Carlos M BSH a (blue) AVAILABLE






Our little ones will be given away only after 84 days from birth with due respect to the regulations of ANFI/FIFE, after having been given their National Health Service booklet showing previous vaccinations, pedigree, and proof of ownership, together with some personal belongings. The little ones can be seen and ordered by written contract. It is compulsory for home pets to be sterilized within their ten months of age. The people who will optioned or will reserve ours kittens will receive updates via e-mail regarding the chosen pet together with its photos.


We think that the decision to buy one of these marvellous friends for life is very important and it must be made with much knowledge and respect for the animals and people involved. Our kittens are greatly integrated in our home life , being used to the company of children and adults, and also receive much love and attention. It is also for this reason that we wish that they should have a future life filled with love and attention, and therefore they will be given away only to people with the necessary requirements.


We shall obviously be very glad to remain in contact with the new owners who will always be able to get in touch with us for any advice or suggestions.

Donatella e Sergio

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